When it comes to picking out baby toys, there are seemingly endless options out there! Luckily, Peekaboo’s selection of affordable toys helps take the guesswork out of the equation for parents, regardless of their baby’s age.

Which baby toys are suitable for a newborn? What kind of toys do newborns like?

When it comes to babies toys, the simpler the better. Newborns tend to enjoy colorful, stimulating toys (such as rattles), which awaken their curiosity and help them develop their motor skills. During infancy, it’s also important to choose toys for babies that do not have small parts which could pose a choking hazard. 

What are the baby toy brands?

With Peekaboo’s wide selection of baby play toys, it’s easy to find something for everyone! From Infantino foot rattles to bath letters and other bath toys from Munchkin, and even battery-operated plush toys from Pugs at Play, infants are easily covered.

For kid’s toys that appeal to a slightly older demographic, you can’t go wrong with slime, one of the most popular toys in recent years. You’ll find slime offerings from Craze, Zuru Oosh, and others. Essen is another great option for parents looking to buy squishy toys, universal fidget cubes, bubble pop toys, and the like—these types of toys are especially useful for children who may be on the neurodivergent spectrum. If you’re looking for educational toddler toys, you’ll find some fun options from Hape such as shape sorters, rainbow pounder, or magnetic letters, all of which help babies develop their motor skills. Other toys to help with your child’s development include Simba-brand magic spring, snap beads, ironing bead sets, water guns, and more.

For kids who like to play outdoors, there are plenty of options, from toy guns to footballs by Alive & Kicking, or pro racing goggles, silicone swim caps, swim masks, and other summertime essentials by Intex. Kids who love franchises will also enjoy the Hot Wheels cars, Paw Patrol toys, Mattel Barbie jumping ropes, and more. 

There are also classic games to introduce to a whole new generation, such as the iconic Hasbro games Jenga, Play-Doh, and Nerf, or other games like Twister, four-in-a-row, playing cards, and chess board games from Minds at Play. Other classics include Hot Cars, which some kids like to collect and show off to their friends. For older or more advanced kids, you also can’t go wrong with a toy like the 4M Flexi-Tube Engineering kit.

What should be considered when choosing toys for the baby?

The age and development level of your baby are your biggest indicators when it comes to choosing the right toys for your precious one, and most toys will include information about the appropriate age range right on their box. Another important consideration may be gender, although it doesn’t have to be. Dollhouses and doll sets can appeal to boys just as toy cars and trains can be a hit with girls—there are no rules, so it’s best to pick something that you know your child will enjoy.

Seasonality is another factor that affects your choice of toys for kids. As your baby grows, indoor & outdoor play equipment can be a godsend when it comes to keeping them entertained, especially during their time off school in the summer months.

Which material is best for baby toys?

Soft and squishy toys are your best bet for small kids, as they likely won’t hurt themselves with these materials. Plastic toys are also important for growing kids, since they are generally designed to take a lot of beating without breaking upon impact. As a general rule, the older your kid is, the more complex toys they can handle. 

Whether you’re looking to surprise your young one with a brand-new toy or simply in the market to browse baby toy prices, Peekaboo is here to help put a smile on both your and your kids’ faces with its affordable, high-quality selection.