Founded in 2004, Viga has been an important toy brand that provides high-quality wooden toys for children. The company adopts a mission that they are perceived as different, reliable, dedicated, and cooperative. The brand is making their clients’ safety their top priority without compensating. 

Selling in 60 different countries, Viga has been a toy brand preferred by many parents who want to contribute to their creative skills and further skill development. As a brand with a clear mission ahead, they have been working with the same passion and goal ever since its foundation. 

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What categories does VIGA have products in?

Viga offers a wide selection of toys in various categories such as wall toys, kitchen & food play, wooden blocks, basic learning toys, role play toys, and puzzles. From 12 months to young children, Viga supports your child’s development, creativity, motor and cognitive skills with the improved design of their unique wooden toys. 

Offering cheerful and entertaining wooden toys for every child, Viga’s main aim is to inspire life long learning process, preserving their innovative and safe designs, in addition to being open-minded and ever developing within their expertise. Having 18 years of experience in the toy industry, Viga recognizes parent and children’s needs, and develop their designs and toys with demands in mind... While doing so, they improve product quality by implementing new technologies.

What age-appropriate products are available from the VIGA brand?

Viga provides playful and creative toys for children from 12 months to 6 years olds. As they provide such a wide range of products for various stages, Viga provides ease and full support during your parenthood journey. With Viga in your cozy homes, your children will broaden their horizons and learn while they enjoy cheerful and colorful wooden toys. Here to improve your baby’s first ever steps to their muscle abilities and support their educational needs, Viga has so much more to offer for families around the world.

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