Kids Puzzles

Puzzles are the opening of a mysterious world where children can create a whole picture while learning and being patient. A puzzle has many advantages such as motor skill development, hand and eye coordination, problem-solving and local reasoning as well as advantages for personal development like self-esteem and teamwork. Let’s find out how to decide when buying one or two for our children at Peekaboo!

What should be considered when choosing kids puzzles?

Puzzles are mysterious as your children proceed step by step and discover slowly. That’s why the first consideration should be the number of pieces a puzzle has. As children are generally impatient and impetuous, the number should be quite reasonable to keep children focused in the process. Related to the number of pieces, the size is also a matter. Depending on the age, the size of the pieces can be challenging. For toddlers, it can be small but for children between 6 and above, the size can be a little bit small to help their problem-solving development.

Another consideration is the content of the puzzle which means the detail of the figures and color variation. Everybody wants to know the whole picture at the end but while reaching the end, learning the figures and matching them with the colors is important learning. There may be many ends in the same color but choosing the right puzzle piece to complete a figure is an educator for children to find a connection between the figure and the color. 

They are also helpful for cognitive and visual-spatial development. Therefore, a puzzle should make a child think. As the child thinks, their ability to find solutions develops and they try to produce various solutions independently of what they have. They look at the pieces, think over them, and understand if it matches another piece. That way, they think in a multidimensional way and their understanding develops along with the visual.

Another important consideration is the material of the puzzle. There are different puzzle materials for different ages. For example, for babies, wooden puzzles consisting of big pieces are good but parents should be careful about the edges of the pieces. For children, cardboard pieces are easy to work with but they can easily tear and which makes them short-lived. 

What are the kids puzzles brands?

The product range at Peekaboo is huge; provided by different brands such as Educa, Hape, and Phidal. All the brands give importance to the above-mentioned considerations and have different aims depending on the age of the child. For babies, you can find clock puzzles with big pieces or there are superhero puzzles from Marvel that children will be so excited to complete. Jump among the Peekaboo products to find a good puzzle. Who knows maybe you can buy one for yourself and enjoy it while your little one works on their own puzzle.