Academic Books

When it comes to choosing academic books for kids, even the parents with the best intentions may sometimes get it wrong. That’s because choosing academic books for kids is a little more challenging than choosing academic books for adults, as the former requires a little more consideration beyond just the content of the book. Don’t worry, it’s easy to find academic books for your little ones here at Peekaboo. 

What should be considered when choosing academic books?

First things first, there’s your kid’s age and reading level to consider, which means you might not always find the right fit if you go by the age range listed on the cover alone. For instance, if your child is a slow reader, they may need to start at an easier level and work their way up to more challenging books so they don’t get discouraged. On the other hand, parents of advanced readers find that their kids can easily get bored with books that fall within their age range. For these kids, pursuing academic books that are above their age level can help foster their love of learning and reading.

Another thing to consider when picking out academic books is the purpose the book is intended to serve. Are you looking for something entertaining like an activity book or something more challenging like a problem-solving book? That distinction will also help you narrow down to specific publishers and book series.

Last but certainly not least, there are your children’s preferences to keep in mind. Forcing a child to read a book they do not enjoy can be a tough battle to fight, not to mention it runs the risk of turning them off the joy of reading. The good news is that parents of kids who enjoy reading find that their kids develop their “favorite” book series over time. In these cases, shopping for academic books becomes easier, as most publishers of children’s academic books offer at least several books at each reading level.

What are the academic books brands?

While some brands offer books that appeal to a range of young readers, others specialize in a particular age group. One such book series is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, which is popular with beginners who are just starting out learning their letters and numbers. Readers with a little more experience can hone their linguistic and arithmetic skills with series by brands like Collins, First Time Learning, WriteWell, and Usborne. Other well-known brands include Schofield & Sims and JM Bond, who have a wide variety of academic books on numbers, grammar, early writing, the weather, and other life skills such as telling the time.

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