Every parent is concerned about the well-being, safety, and comfort of their children both when they are awake or asleep. If you have concerns about your little one’s comfort while they are asleep, we can help you find the best sleepwear for a good night’s snooze. Sleepwear is the stable of many wardrobes and there are countless options out there. But picking the best one with ultimate comfort might be a bit tricky, especially if you have just welcomed your little sleepyhead!

Peekaboo is always here to help you tick all the boxes while you select the most essential sleepwear pieces for your baby.

What should be considered when choosing sleepwear?

Babies news as much as sleep they can and they tend to sleep long hours and almost anywhere they fancy. Therefore they do not wear traditional pajamas as grown-ups do. Comfort for sleepwear is always on top priority in addition to the material, size, and safety of the sleepwear. From onesies, rompers, and bodysuits to sleep sacks, bags, or wearable blankets, sleepwear for babies is a vast sea of options waiting to be explored. Luckily Peekaboo offers the most reliable and world-renown trendy brands to help you out on this journey. Select sleepwear with soft fabric that is sensitive to your newborn baby therefore we always recommend checking the material of their clothing first. 

The size should not be small but you might want to choose fitting sleepwear that still would not limit their movements while they sleep. Babies under 12 months should always sleep on their backs. Any sleepwear with decorative items at the back should be avoided during this perios. Babies should not have blankets on their beds, for this reason, wearable blankets can come in handy. 

Have concerns about what your baby should wear to bed in different seasons and temperatures? The ideal temperature for baby rooms is between 16-20°C. Before you put them in their bed, you should check the temperature of the room. And always remember to keep it simple, safe and comfy so that your little one can snuggle in their cozy sleepwear!

What are the sleepwear brands?

Here at Peekaboo, we are aware of the importance of your baby’s comfort and safety and we always follow which trends and brands keep the pulse of sleepwear for babies. We offer world renowned brands with years of expertise in baby care and clothing. And as Peekaboo cares both for you and your little sleepyhead, we suggest you always look for the high-quality pajamas Peekaboo has to offer and reduce the amount of time you spend on putting them to a good night’s sleep! 

Start exploring all the brands we offer for our parents now!