Swim Wear

Summer is nearly here and you are still looking for cute swimwear for your little mermaid or baby shark? You are almost there. There are countless options out there for baby swimwear. Therefore it can be quite challenging to decide which swimwear would be the best choice for your little ones. With Peekaboo’s fun-filled swimwear, your little ones will be perfectly pulling off a tropical vibe. With them being holiday-ready, only you have to do is get ready for a fun day at the beach!

From all-in-one swimsuits, swim dresses, and baby swimsuits to swimming jackets with aid, swimming caps, and rashguards swimwear, everything you are looking for is only a click away from you!

What should be considered when choosing swimwear?

Have you ever taken your baby to the beach or pool before? If not and if this is your first time, we are here to give you the guidance you need. The safety and comfort of your baby come first, therefore the swimwear you pick should always protect your baby’s skin from getting burnt as their skin is quite sensitive. Therefore there are a few points before making your final decision.

UV-protected swimwear is definitely a game changer for many parents. As most of the time using sunscreen alone can not be enough, UV-protected swimwear is absolutely essential for babies. They can block %98 of harmful UV rays. Getting UV-protected swimwear also gives you the comfort you need.

Similar to UV-protected swimwear, you should pick swimwear with tight weaving to block any UV rays that can penetrate the surface of the swimwear. Keeping your babies warm is also quite important as they can get cold quite easily. Their bodies are not yet developed to regulate their body temperatures therefore they should wear high-quality swimwear that can keep them warm, and they should not stay underwater for a long time. Additionally, hooded towels are a great way to keep them warm at all times!

Size is as equally important as the rest of the points. If the swimwear is too tight, your little one gets cranky and uncomfortable easily. Sun heats are also significant to protect the little heads and it provides great protection for the head, face, and neck area. 

What are the swimwear brands?

We are here to make your little one’s swimming experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible both for you and them. You have the essential guide to picking the best swimwear for your little one. With a wide range of options on Peekaboo, you are ready to pack and go for a splash out by the pool or sea!

It is time to discover all the fun patterns and amazing functionality Peekaboo has to offer for little ones.