Cleansers & Detergents

When it’s time to choose the best laundry cleansers and detergents, Peekaboo is ready to help parents who want to protect little ones and their health. Let’s keep reading to learn how to choose cleansers and detergents, and meet the brands we have for you at Peekaboo.

What should be considered when choosing cleansers & detergents?

When choosing cleaners and detergents, the first consideration must be the health of little ones. Their skin is so soft, prone to dryness, and allergic. Anything that contacts the skin should be the parents' focus. That’s why parents must pay attention to the laundry and the products involved in it. Parents should prefer cleaners and detergents which do not have chemical agents and industrial bleach solutions. The ones which are hypoallergenic and dye-free are the focal point that parents must consider. They are good both for the skin and clothes and will make babies comfortable.

Another consideration is the multi-functionality. When choosing the right cleaner and detergent, parents will immediately go for the ones which protect the skin and this is the right thing to do. However, as babies grow, the amount of mess will also increase because they will try to discover the things around them. This can also happen with children. As they become active, they will jump, run, play outside and make their clothes dirty. This is where multifunctionality comes to the stage. Depending on the need, there are many solutions that can be used for different purposes like cleaning the dirt on a cloth or as a stain-cleaner. These solutions can also be used for all family members, as they are skin-friendly and effective at low temperatures which also narrows down the laundry budget.

What are the cleansers & detergents brands?

All the cleaners and detergents we offer at Peekaboo are good for babies’ health and have an effective formula that serves multifunctionality. Sta-soft has different products for laundry and cares for your baby more than anything. The conditioners it has are static-free which makes ironing easy and have different smells which stimulate the senses. From summer breeze to lavender field… See all the cleaners and detergents we have for you at Peekaboo and buy one or two in different customer-friendly options.