Unleash your little one’s creativity by world known LEGO toys and help improve their cognitive and motor skills even further! Ever since it’s foundation in 1932, LEGO has been the utmost favourite’s of many from young age to old age. Anyone can confidently say that LEGO is the world’s number one when it comes to learning while still having a complete blast! From most simple puzzle plays to building your own luxurious Ferrari toy, LEGO offers countless possibilities that you and your little one can have fun with. From city and farm building to your little one’s favourite Marvel hero or Disnep character, LEGO offers endless options to choose from. If you want to rock the old school way, you can always have LEGO classic as your go-to. And you can find many LEGO toys at Peekaboo!

What categories does LEGO have products in?

LEGO has it all and it does not only produce puzzle toys much as a surprise to many. It also has great variety of products such as backpacks, lunch boxes, role play costumes, books, clothing, keyrings, polybag, puzzles and board games. It offers products that can address the needs from the youngest to eldest in the family. As Peekaboo, we provide a great selection of products by LEGO for the whole family. Accessing LEGO products in Kenya have never been easy before. 

What age-appropriate products are available from the LEGO brand?

LEGO products have different designs according to the age group they belong. For instance, LEGO DUPLO series is for 18 months and up. LEGO Juniors is for for ages 4 to 7. LEGO City on the other hand is suitable for ages 5 to 12. LEGO Creator is for ages 7 to 16 while LEGO Technic is for ages 8 to 16. LEGO helps kids’ development from early ages to puberty and it flourishes their creativity. Each series is completely different from each other and provides clear instructions to be followed. From simple puzzles to highly complex and special puzzles. LEGO never ceases to astonish both the parents and the little ones. Regardless of your age, LEGO offers an option for anyone to get imaginative and creative. 

Have a look at LEGO products at Peekaboo and make your choice!