Board Books

If you picture that your little imaginist rides their unicorn over the clouds of the magic world, buy them board books. These books have numbers, colors, animals, and different places which will be helpful in early childhood development. Let's pretend we are in a library and start exploring at Peekaboo!

What should be considered when choosing board books?

For new learners, board books mean so much as they are exploring a world where there are big pictures, words, or maybe even sounds. When choosing a board book, these elements are important because parents introduce them to something new. This new thing should be so enlightening that it should also spark something in babies. Of course, they are not readers; but board books are the first step for them. 

The pictures and figures included in the books are good for developing eyes to focus. They are also easy to keep in mind as they are attention-grabbing. Sounds are also the excitement factor. Imagine your baby hearing the sound of a cow. It will be so easy for the baby to match the sound and the animal after a while. The shape of board books is also something that makes them unique and the reason why many little readers love them. All of these help babies’ motor skills develop.

As these books are made from cardboard, they are durable. In other words, babies can use them for a long time. The cardboard also makes the books difficult to tear. However, there is one point that parents should pay attention to. Sometimes depending on the publisher’s or writer’s preference, these books can be too big for little fingers to carry. Thus, the size of the board book also matters before parents make the final decision. 

What are the board books brands?

At Peekaboo, we have a good selection of board books. With these books, little bookworms can learn many things. For example, with My First Farm Let's Get Working Board Book, babies and children can learn the name of different food, animals, or vehicles; and with 199 Things at The Seaside Board Book, they can learn what is at the beach and in the sea. Maybe after reading this book, they will want to build a sand castle or catch the big fish. There is also Peppa Pig: Peppa's Fantastic Unicorn Shaped Board Book for unicorn fans!

Add one of the board books to your chart, and watch your baby enjoy the magical world as they are learning new things.