Sticker Books

Time to let your little one’s imagination run wild! Peekaboo’s fun sticker books will be that clutch toy that will provide hours of fun for your little ones by keeping them entertained! Sticker books help your little one’s creativity to engage with stickers and they can use their motor skills to peel and use them for decoration purposes. Your child can roam with animals in the jungle, discover new worlds, and meet fun characters such as Pippa during their journey.

Have a look at Peekaboo’s amazing sticker books with exciting adventures now and get ready for hours of fun!

What should be considered when choosing sticker books?

Sticker books, as the name suggests, are sticky. Therefore you might want to make sure the book you are purchasing guides you on how to use them wisely. It is important to know which surfaces they can be applied to and whether they can come off easily. If not, you might end up with hours of furniture or wall scraping.

Apart from the sticky situation aside, the books you purchase should help your little one develop their skills. They will be improving their shape recognition skills, perceiving colors and so much more. For instance, with Galt Fashion Sticker book, your little one will have fun picking up fun and stylish clothes for their character. In the meantime, they will be completing the missing pieces of a picture. This will help them with their problem-solving and puzzle skills. Your little one can have a deep dive with Peppa’s friends to explore the exciting world of underwater and in the meantime, they will be keeping themselves busy by meeting new sea monsters and peeling these new friends off the pages!

Many other exciting characters and stories waiting for your little one to explore! Your little one can have summer fun on Monday, and go treasure hunting with Peppa on Tuesday! There are so many adventures they can be a part of thanks to Peekaboo’s engaging sticker books with famous characters every child absolutely adores!

What are the sticker books brands?

With various sticker book brands, you and your little one will have a lot of options to pick from. From Bloomsbury, Peekaboo, Gant to Penguin, Melissa and Doug to Phidal, here at Peekaboo we offer brands with years of experience and quality in books. Rest assured that both our parents and their children absolutely will love spending time with their fun sticker books and still engage through fun activities and stories on the books!

Start picking your faves now and get ready for a sticker marathon!