Baby Strollers & Prams

On the lookout for high-quality yet affordably priced baby strollers & prams? You’ve come to the right place! Peekaboo’s selection of top-rated baby strollers & prams offers something for everyone.

What should be considered when choosing baby strollers & prams?

As is the case with most other baby products, the age and weight of your baby play a huge role in your choice of baby stroller or pram. As a general rule, the more lightweight the stroller, the lighter the baby it will hold.

Your aesthetic preference will also be important in figuring out which product to buy. Here, it’s important to get clear on some basic definitions: something more vintage-looking, with a bassinet, is likely to be called a pram, while one with an upright seat is likely to be called a stroller. Whichever you choose, it’s critical that you factor in the baby’s comfort.

What are the baby stroller & pram brands?

Peekaboo’s selection of baby stroller & pram brands reads like a best-of list in baby products! First up we have the brand Moon, which offers a Safari Stroller, a Trek One-Fold Stroller, and a Pro 2-in-1 Stroller, all designed for newborns and babies up to 36 months old. Moon’s Jet Buggy, designed for babies who are 6 to 36 months old, also comes in various colors and prints. Last but certainly not least, there is the Moon Twin Stroller, suitable for twins aged newborn and up.

Another popular brand on the site is Kinderkraft, whose Moov 3-in-1 Travel System, Multipurpose Carriage 3-in-1 Xmoov, and Prime 2020 3-in-1 Travel System with Car Seat and Accessories can all accommodate newborns and babies weighing up to 22 kgs. Kinderkraft’s Pushchair line, designed for babies who are 3 months old and above, also comes in various colors.

Peekaboo also offers products by Evenflo, like the Aero Ultra-Lightweight Stroller for newborns and babies weighing up to 10 kgs. Evenflo is also a great choice for parents of twins, thanks to its Pivot Xpand Modular Double Seat Stroller and Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System with SafeMax Infant Car Seat, Single-to-Double Convertible Baby Stroller—both designed to hold babies weighing up to 25 kgs.

Then, there is Hauck, which makes a Swift Plus Lightweight Stroller for newborns and babies weighing up to 18 kgs, Runner 3 Wheel Pushchair Stroller for babies who are at least 6 months old and weighing up to 18 kgs, and a Rapid 4 Stroller with Front Safety Bar for newborns and babies weighing up to 25 kgs.

The selection also includes products by Pibi, BabyZen, Disney, Megastar, and Kolcraft’s Side by Side Stroller for twins. If you’re still undecided, start browsing Peekaboo now and see what baby stroller or pram sparks your interest!