Play Gyms & Playmats

Looking for okay gyms and playmats to develop your little one’s physical and cognitive skills from their first moments? Peekaboo offers perfect options for babies and toddlers who are not crawling or walking yet. All play gyms and playmats make tummy times so much more enjoyable, comfortable, and interesting for your little ones! Time to develop them little muscles now!

Encourage your baby to stretch, reach, and practice push-ups by aiming for a maximum of 5 minutes of tummy time twice a day. Peekaboo is here to help you get started on that!

What should be considered when choosing play gyms & playmats?

The greatest playtime experience for your little ones requires picking the right toy, play gyms, and playmats perfect for tummy time. The mat you have picked should be well padded to provide the required support and comfort for your babies while they play fun games. Washable or wipe clean playmats by Peekabo especially save time for every parent and it makes everything so much easier! 

As your baby’s sight will slightly improve and develop in time, they will not be able to see anything further away from 20-35 cm. For this reason picking play gyms, playmats, and toys with bright colors or high contrasting colors will help them see it. Having play gyms with soft colorful toys hanging at the top will encourage them to reach out to toys. In this way, they will be moving and making effort to wave, crawl and play. Especially mats and gyms come with removable toys, your little one can play with them freely.

Sometimes these toys and play gyms and playmats can come with musical or noisy toys. These will spark an interest in your little one for sure.

Additionally, with the help of a tummy time pillow, you can help your baby to have a more comfortable playing position while their arm and shoulder strength is improving. A baby-safe mirror also helps them to see themselves and recognize themselves in the mirror. Last but not least, a travel bag that is perfect to carry your baby’s play gym or play mat would help you take it anywhere you want!

What are the play gyms & playmats brands?

When it comes to playing gyms and playmats, Peekaboo has endless options for outdoor and indoor usage. All of these include different features. And Peekaboo offers play gyms and mats of brands that are reliable, durable, and of high quality and they are just perfect for great tummy time activities. As long as you have found what you are looking to achieve with a play gym or a play mat, you should always pick the one with ultimate quality and comfort.

Start exploring all the fun play gyms and play mats Peekaboo has in store for your little one!