Innerwear & Thermals

Dressing a child is an important subject that parents should pay attention to because the clothes you choose for your child should be age-appropriate, the material should be comfortable and it should protect them depending on the weather. Let’s find out about various innerwear and thermal options at Peekaboo!

What should be considered when choosing innerwear and thermals?

The first point to consider is age. Age defines many choice-related aspects. Depending on the age, the size will change. Before buying the right innerwear or thermal, you should know the weight of your child, as it also affects the size. The right size allows a child to move freely. Imagine that you have bought a small size for a 9-year-old kid. As it is small for the kid, it will be tight for the lower body parts. This might make the kid uncomfortable. On the contrary, if you are planning to use it with a diaper, it should be a little bit big so that the baby gets comfortable in it. It will also make the transition from diapers to innerwear easier.

Your choice related to the material should be on the soft side. Being soft is crucial as it touches the skin. And that’s why the material should be made of 100% breathable cotton. It helps absorb sweat which is also good for sunny days. The material used should also be antibacterial if you are using the innerwear or thermal with a baby for whom you are using creams and other skin care products. The innerwear or thermal you want to buy makes it easy to move by being stretchy and firm at the same time. This means that it should stay in place but also gives the freedom to the child to run, jump, or while sitting. 

The weather also has potential. For summer days, as mentioned above the innerwear should absorb sweat and protect the skin. It should be light to have on the skin and regulate the body temperature. If you are looking for a thermal to keep your little one warm during winter days, the important point is not going for layers. If you layer your child with clothes, it might make them sweat in the cold weather.  

What are the innerwear and thermal brands?

The brands at Peekaboo are ready for mothers to make it simple while choosing. They prioritize the essential points that are important both for the children and their sensitive skin. Carter’s and Mothercare offer the best ones and have different colors. There are also customer-friendly choices of packs in which several innerwear or thermals are included. Go and see all the products we have for you and make your child happy and comfortable.