Bath Wear

We would like to introduce bath wear products that you can find here at Peekaboo with the well-known saying ‘’Is it a bird or is it a plane?’’. And, if you think about why we said this, keep reading and you will find the answer while learning also why we care about bath time and all the things to take care of our children. 

We know that sometimes it is difficult for parents whose children don’t like the water, especially the babies. However, there are many options you can find as you scroll down the pages. You will find products that make after-bathing time relaxing and make children excited about what they will have after water. Let’s dive into this fashionable world together and see what we have for you.

What should be considered when choosing bath wear?

We all know that after taking a shower we need to cover ourselves up and dry. This may look so easy and you may think that there is no requirement. But, why not make this super cool with the perfect bathrobe and fun for children? There are so many things that should be kept in mind, especially when ‘’children’’ and ‘’bath’’ come together. A bathrobe should be made of such a fabric that this fabric should be super absorbent, as little ones can get cold while trying to get dry. The texture should also be light and soft for their skins and the wear itself should be the right length to cover the whole body.

We think that taking a shower is also something educational as children are taking care of themselves and learning how to clean their bodies. That’s why this special time should also be fun and creative. To ensure this, we have included many quality brands in this category and we would like to say that you will not have any difficulty in choosing the perfect bath wear for your little mermaid and your little sailor.

What are the bath wear brands?

It is now for us to introduce you to the brands we have for you at Peekaboo. When it is about the water and the fun in the bathtub, the brads we have for you are the perfect fit. Imagine your child was tired and you gave them a hot relaxing bath, and now he needs to be Superman again to run at home. Here is the answer you were looking for: Warner Bros. Superman Super Soft Microfiber Towels. You can find different superhero towels from Marvel. And ladies, we have Minnie or Princess Bathrobe from Disney for you. 

But what about the tiny ones? For babies, we have Kinder Valley’s 100% cotton hooded towels which are good for sensitive skin. Little Unicorn’s towel and washcloth sets also have their places in the category, which are also made from fluffy cotton. 

Now, as we know the considerations and the brands, it is time to go to your chart, add the most perfect one, and make it fun for your children.