Potty Training

Patience and time are key when it comes to potty training and it will surely not happen overnight. The best and most efficient way to approach potty training is to adapt to your child’s pace. This is a new skill they need to adopt carefully and therefore, might need your patience and support in doing so. The key to successful potty training is not to compare your children to others. As every child is different in their nature, their control over their bladder and bowels might be either too quickly or slowly. Parents also should not try to force their children to use the potty but only encourage them while their little ones are not yet ready for potty training.

However when your little ones are actually ready for it, Peekaboo is here to offer anything about you or your little one might need about potty training!

What should be considered when choosing potty training?

There is no perfect time for potty training unlike the common notion among parents. It is important to try this out with your little one when you have a routine established in your life and you are no longer expecting any sort of changes in the meantime. The reason for this is to give the feeling of comfort and stability to your children when they are about to start potty training. İf there are quite a lot of changes happening soon in your lives, they might get confused about what to do about it. Many parents also say summer is easier for them to start potty training as clothing layers are less compared to winter and everything can be washed and dried up quite fast. 

You might want to take your little one’s potty with you when you are wondering up and about to spark an interest in it. In this way, your little one will understand that they should use the potty when they need to use the toilet. Obviously, this is a collective effort that should be encouraged by everyone in the family. If you have anyone who is tending or looking after your child, you should ensure that they are also trying to encourage this behavior so that it is consistent. 

If your child can tell when they have a dirty nappy, or find a way to tell you they are about to wet themselves, or if they attempt to show this by looking somewhere by getting quiet. Once you observe these kinds of behaviors, you might want to choose the best way to start your potty training as these behaviors can show your little one might be ready.

What are the potty training brands?

Potty training is an important skill your little one needs to pick up when they feel ready. Getting them in a safe, comfortable, and relaxed position in the meantime is our responsibility. From training toilet seats with fun details and disposable potty liners, to potty stools, we have everything you might need for this life-changing experience!