Maternity Accessories

Maternity Accessories

It is important to cherish every moment of pregnancy and of course to make the best of it. Some people might not feel at ease with the changes they are undergoing during the pregnancy period. As a mother, you have a growing life inside of you, therefore celebrating this and being at peace with the changes is the way to embrace the changes. Peekaboo is right here with you during this miraculous journey.

As Peekaboo we offer everything a mother might need during their pregnancy journey and beyond. With our reliable and functional maternity accessories, every mother will feel at ease from beginning to end. From maternity and nursing bras, pregnancy wedges, and pillows, to nipple creams and U-shape maternity pillows, Peekaboo provides a wide selection of products for all mothers in Kenya, get ready to feel comfortable and your essentials sorted.

What should be considered when choosing maternity accessories?

During your pregnancy, your body goes through a wonderful journey where it changes over the months therefore it is important to know how you can make sure you are selecting the right products for you and your baby is easy with Peekaboo. Peekaboo offers exclusive products to take care of yourself and your baby with skincare products, maternity and nursing wear, breast pads, breast pumps, pregnancy pillows, baby food, formula, pacifiers, and more. 

As your number one priority should be around comfort, you should choose comfy clothes with lightweight material that can maximize your comfort while not compensating for its style in the meantime. The material should be soft, not irritate your skin and it should be breathable.

It is your every right to know what those materials are made of both for your and your baby’s health as well. Any material that makes use of hazardous substances and properties should be avoided during pregnancy. 

What are the maternity accessories brands?

There are dozens of maternity accessories brands out there and countless options to choose from. Peekaboo has already collected the essentials you would need for you. Adding special clothes for your maternity is an addition to your current wardrobe from the best maternity brands out there. Classic pieces like maternity jeans, floaty dresses, bras, underwear, and bras, get you through the 9 months of pregnancy while taking care of you during warm and cold weather.

You can find various selections of maternity accessories here at Peekaboo. Start exploring the accessories now!