Baby Diapers

Looking to buy diapers for your baby? At Peekaboo, you’re guaranteed to find what you need!

What should be considered when choosing baby diapers?

Baby diapers are a sensitive topic for many parents, as they tend to choose a brand they like and stick to it throughout their child’s entire potty training journey. But before you can build brand loyalty, you have to know which one to pick. Most baby diapers will be sold in packs that are clearly labeled according to the baby’s age and weight range, so it’s best to pay attention to these labels. 

Another important factor in choosing diapers is their purpose of use—does your baby need them for daily wear, or for a special occasion like going to the swimming pool? There are different diapers for different purposes, so choose wisely. Parents of babies who are allergic to certain materials may also want to ensure that their babies’ diapers are made out of breathable materials such as bamboo and cotton.

What are the baby diaper brands?

When it comes to baby diapers, there are a few best-selling brands that most parents swear by, and with good reason. And all those brands are available on Peekaboo! Let’s start with one of the best-known diaper brands out there, Huggies. You’ll find Huggies Newborn Diapers in sizes 1 (for babies who weigh 3-6 kgs) and 2 (5-7 kgs), as well as the Huggies Gold, Extra Care, and Dry Comfort series in various sizes, plus Huggies Pants in sizes 3-6. For older kids who may still need some nighttime assistance, the Huggies DryNites Pyjama Pants come in two sizes for boys and girls, one aimed at kids ages 4-7 years and the other, at kids ages 8-15. Come summertime, parents may also want to invest in the Huggies Little Swimmers Nappies and Pants for irritation-free fun by the pool or sea.

Another top-rated diaper brand is Pampers, and Peekaboo sells a majority of its product range. You’ll find the Pampers Premium Care Diapers and Pants in sizes 2-6, as well as the Pampers Pants, Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers, and Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Nappies in various sizes. Molfix is yet another contender for top baby diaper brands, with its Pants, as well as Mini-Junior-Midi-Maxi Diapers, all available on Peekaboo. Eco-conscious parents or those with allergy-prone babies can also check out the brand Neli & Co, whose Bamboo Eco Nappies and Bamboo Eco Pants are—you guessed it—made out of bamboo, and come in various sizes for maximum comfort. 

If you’re looking to score the best quality diapers at the most affordable prices, you can’t do better than Peekaboo. Start shopping right away to learn what in-the-know parents discovered a long time ago!