Lights & Musical Toys

There is no such thing as too many toys for little munchkins. It is also a proven fact that toys play quite a crucial role in improving our children’s skills, creativity, and imagination more than we give them credit for. Lights and musical toys are a perfect example of this as they have both educational and cheerful activities designed on them. Whatever they see through their curious little eyes, especially if there is anything that shines brighter and with more colors, will catch their attention and peak their interest to learn and explore more. 

If you want to encourage your little explorer’s interest and help them to express themselves through lights and musical toys, you are at the right address with Peekaboo!

What should be considered when choosing lights & musical toys?

Any toys with lights or music will help develop any child’s development. To ensure that you have picked the best one, you might want to fabricate a shortlist to make things easier. Making sure that any toys you pick are lead-free and nontoxic should be among the primary points on your list. If your little one fancies cute stuffed toys, make sure they are washable and the fabric of the toy should have a flame-resistant label. For musical toys especially, you should keep away from pickling any loud toys as it can lead to hearing loss if the child holds them directly into their ears. They should show what safety standards they have gone through and labels that show which age the toy is appropriate for. Some of the basic information you can find about age-appropriate products are as below;

Toys should be large enough not to be swallowed or stuck on the windpipe.

Any marbles, coins, and balls that can simply be stuck on their throats must be avoided.

Make sure that the toy is durable for chewing and does not have any sharp edges, corners, or parts that can come off loose or prick their little fingers. 

Keeping the toys clean is as equally as important as picking them up. Please make sure you read the instructions for the toys before you wash them.

From musical instruments such as colorful microphones, pianos, and guitars to sleep aids, sensory balls, and projectors, Peekaboo offers many other enjoyable toys that are safely and uniquely designed with the safety and comfort of your little one in mind!

What are the lights & musical toys brands?

Peekaboo offers world-renowned brands that have been providing reliable assistance to many parents around the world for years. Little Ties, Tommee Tippee, Munchkin, and Fisher-Price are only some of these brands that you can easily explore here at Pekaabo.

Start exploring the colorful world of lights and musical toys and create the best toy collection that can further help develop your little one’s skills!