Tops, T-Shirts & Shirts

With Peekaboo’s stylish but cute tops, t-shirts, and shirts, your little one will feel so stylish! All our tops are perfect for a day out or in. Peekaboo's collection of trendy tops includes everything from classic tees to fun graphic prints. Our tops are designed to fit perfectly and look great on your little ones but we have so many options to pick from as well. Let’s dive into what to look for while you are buying tops, t-shirts, and shirts for your little one to save you time! 

What should be considered when choosing tops, t-shirts & shirts?

The first thing to consider when buying kids' tops, t-shirts, and shirts is size. When shopping for kids' clothing, make sure to get them in sizes that fit properly. If they are too small, then they may not last long. Also, if they are too big, they will look sloppy and could even cause discomfort. Cotton is always recommended. It is breathable, durable, and comfortable. However, cotton is not the only option out there. There are many different types of fabrics that are suitable for kids' clothing. Polyester, fleece, and spandex are some examples of fabrics that are great options for kids' clothing.

Patterns can add interest to any outfit. Patterns can range from simple designs to intricate patterns. Choose a pattern that matches your child's personality. Simple patterns are easier to care for and wash than complex patterns. Price is another important factor to take into account when purchasing kids' tops. Prices vary depending on the material, style, and color. You can find cheap kids' tops online, but keep in mind that these items may have poor quality and won't last as long as pricier ones.

Care instructions are also important to consider when buying kids’ clothes. Always read the care instructions before washing or wearing your children's clothing. Wash your kids' tops in cold water and hang dry them to prevent shrinkage. Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents.

What are the tops, t-shirts & shirts brands?

Peekaboo offers tops from Carter’s and OshKosh. With their top quality and amazingly cute styles, graphics, and fits, Carter’s and OshKosh create the ultimate best outfit for all our little ones out there. Loved and adored by many parents and their children, Peekaboo offers a wide selection of clothes from these brands for your convenience. Both brands are known for their adorable clothing designs and high-quality fabrics. Their clothes are designed to fit perfectly and are comfortable enough for everyday use. 

How about exploring all fun and cute designs Peekaboo offers for your little one now?