Water Bottles

All our thirsty munchkins have a new and fun way to keep themselves hydrated now. Each water bottle offers a different feeling, each Peekaboo water bottle is unique in its own nature. Peekaboo offers a wide list of water bottle options to pick from; with or without a sipping straw, sustainable versions with odor and stain resistant, durable, easy-to-clean, leak-proof properties provide so much comfort and ease for all parents! Featuring cute and colorful designs, your little munchkins will look so cute pulling off those lovely designs!

Grab your favorite Peekaboo water bottle now and let the sipping adventure begin!

What should be considered when choosing water bottles?

There are countless water bottle options out there, and it is not an easy task to find the one your child will love. There are a few points you might want to make sure of before you decide on which one to use. Always consider the material of the bottle. There are generally plastic and stainless steel water bottle types you can pick from. Depending on your budget and your little one’s use case, a plastic bottle might be a more affordable and safe option as long as they are environmentally friendly, BPA, and phthalate free. You can also pick one water bottle that is suitable for different caps such as sippy caps, straw caps, and sports caps. It is up to you to pick which water cap depending on the comfort and usage of your little one. 

The age of the child is also essential as they should be able to hold bottles of certain sizes. For toddlers, a general capacity of around 300-350ml is recommended. Anything bigger than this could be harder for them to hold and use on a daily basis. In parallel with the capacity and size, the shape of the bottle is also important. Think about how your child tends to hold a bottle. Based on that you can go ahead and pick the best shape so that they would not require any support from anyone else. 

What are the water bottle brands?

There are dozens of water bottles you can choose for your little one’s daily adventures. Peekaboo provides the most practical water bottles with cute and colorful designs to make sure that your little one will enjoy getting dehydrated while enjoying themselves. Every brand Peekaboo offers on the website features a cool design and improved with high durability and many other fancy features that your little one could enjoy. Different sizes and brands are offered for your convenience here at Peekabo.

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