Do you find reading a clock challenging for your kid? Discover different clock brands at Peekaboo and make the best clock reading practice with your little one. Here are some tips on what to consider before buying a clock at Peekaboo!

What should be considered when choosing clocks?

First things first, age is an important matter which defines the aim of a clock. The aim can be teaching a child about day and night and making them understand when they will wake up or sleep, or it can be teaching them which hand shows the minute and the hour. All of these and other possible aims are dependent on age because learning how to read a clock is a different adventure that takes some time.

The versatility of a clock is another consideration and by versatility, it is meant the functions and features. Imagine a clock that is suitable for all ages and has an all-in-one style and think of how useful it is. Such clocks are so amazing that every child can get benefit from them because, for example, for a 3-year-old, the clock can change the colors like yellow for day time and blue for night time and the same clock can be used as an analog one for a 7-year-old and can show the hour and minute hand to make them learn.

Clocks can also be used as an accessory to complete little ones’ rooms in a cool way. For example, the ones that have music can be used as a night lamp to make little ones sleep comfortably. By getting familiar with it, little ones’ curiosity can be triggered and they can start to learn the real aim of it. Besides learning, clocks are also beneficial for organizing the daily routine as they have alarms. You can set alarms for each activity with different tones and when your child hears them, they can understand what they need to do. 

What are the clocks brands?

At Peekaboo, there are many brands offering various clocks for little ones who want to play with numbers. Tommee Tippee’s product range is so big that every time traveler will find a perfect clock and go on exciting adventures. Set your alarm and see different clocks. And remember, there is no time limit while filling the shopping cart with different items!