Feeding Bottles & Teats

Feeding is an important moment that helps both parents create a bond with their baby. During this moment, parents can learn many things about their little ones such as how much drink they need, when they need breaks, or how to take care of them. Babies feel more comfortable when their most needs are given by their mothers, fathers, or caregivers. Bottle feeding is a good alternative to breastfeeding and if you are planning to bottle feed your little one, Peekaboo is ready to guide you. Let’s see what are the tips that Peekaboo has and that parents should pay attention to. 

What should be considered when choosing feeding bottles & teats?

Babies’ health and safety have primary importance and that’s why the material is very crucial. There are many feeding bottles and teats made of silicone, glass, or stainless steel. Plastic ones are lightweight, unbreakable, and easy for babies to hold. However, parents should always check the material and learn if there is BPA. Feeding bottles and teats should also be heat-tolerant because sometimes the material can be affected even by the normal temperature.

The flow rate is the second consideration for parents and it is really important depending on the age. For small babies, there are feeding bottles with teats having small holes which give them a small amount of milk or formula. These kinds of bottles are easy for babies to control, as the flow is slow. For children who are food fans, parents can use medium flow holes which makes feeding simple for them. Related to age, teats can be used for the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Teats should always give the feeling of breastfeeding so that babies’ transition can be smooth and should always be the proper size to make feeding enjoyable.

Another consideration is the type of feeding bottles and teats. There are various types on the market and there is no right type or size because each baby is different and has its own characteristics. So, parents should try to understand their uniqueness to find a good bottle and teat for them. At this point, Peekaboo can help you by giving you the types. There are standard bottles, anti-colic bottles, self-sterilizing bottles, disposable bottles, and angle or wide neck bottles. All these types are available at Peekaboo to help you. 

What are the feeding bottles & teats brands?

Let’s take a walk between the bottles and learn what brands are ready at Peekaboo to feed your babies and children. Tommee Tippee, Dr. Brown's, Philips, Comotomo, and Wee Baby are the brands that pay attention to your criteria. You can find spare parts from these brands and there is also Medela also provides spare parts. Here is a little bonus for the parents who like different themes: Tommy Lise. The brand has various themes and figures on the bottles like Blooming Day, Midday Walk, or Bird Paradise. All these brands, their products, and many more are waiting for you at Peekaboo! Go and discover them for a fun feeding time.