Baby Carrycots

If you haven’t got the first clue about how to choose the right carrycot for your newborn baby, Peekaboo’s got you covered with all the tips and brands you need to know.

What should be considered when choosing baby carrycots?

For those who may not be familiar with the term, carrycots are portable beds for babies, usually preferred by families who are traveling or who otherwise must rely on temporary accommodations, such as during a relocation or a home remodeling project.

As with most other baby products, the age and weight of your baby are the two most important factors to consider when purchasing carrycots. Other factors to consider include what you’ll be using it for (short-term vs. long-term travel) and how much space it will take up. Another important consideration is your mode of travel—if you’re taking lots of long flights, a bed in a bag may be a more appropriate option than hauling a full-sized travel bed. But, by contrast, if you’re taking a trip in your family car, you can afford to prioritize comfort a little more to make sure your little one doesn’t want for their own bed, even on the road.

What are the baby carrycot brands?

Peekaboo’s selection of high-quality and affordable-priced baby carrycots is a dream come true for any parent! You’ll find gems like the Sunveno Portable Baby Bed & Bag and the Little Story Bed in a Bag, which are perfect options for parents traveling with little ones. The selection also includes the popular European nursery product brand Hauck, with the Sleep’n Play Travel Cot, Sleep’n Play Centre Travel Bed (for newborns and babies who weigh up to 15 kgs), and the Dream’n Play Travel Cot (for newborns and above) available on the site. Last but not least, you’ll find carrycots by the Polish brand Kinderkraft, with the Travel Cot with Playpen Function (designed for babies ages 0-2 years), the Baby Cot Neste Air (for babies ages 0-18 months), the Kinderkraft Baby Cot Uno (for newborns and above), and the Folding Bed with Accessories (for babies up to 2 years old) all helping to fulfill different needs for families who are on-the-go.

Have you been dreaming of taking a family vacation with your newborn but have been putting it off due to worries that they’ll be fussy or that travel will mess up their sleep schedule? Start browsing through Peekaboo’s selection of carrycots and portable beds today, and you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect carrycot to ensure that your baby is comfortable every minute of your family getaway.