Picture Books

You don’t have to wait to broaden your little explorer’s horizon until the school-age comes. You can start reading amazing stories to them with picturebooks designed with bright, fun illustrations! These picturebooks will not only help their literacy development at an early age, but you will also be helping them to develop their imagination by sparking an interest. From stories with Peppa Pig, Frozen, and Hot Wheels to coloring books and noisy books, Peekaboo’s wide range of libraries offers everything your little one needs to embark on their first journey.

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What should be considered when choosing picture books?

Even though your little one might seem as if they are not making much sense of what you read, it is in fact important what you read to them. Many often ignore this and often buy books with the thought of just reading something. However, when you read to your little ones regardless of their age, you are feeding into their minds with all types of ideas, thoughts, and stories. This can stick with them during their early years and their subconscious can shape their behaviors and minds based on these stories. Therefore be picky about the stories you tell or tread to them. You would know which one would be the best and most intriguing one for your child. Also, keep in mind that you will probably be reading the same story for several years to come. Therefore selecting picture books with interesting plot lines might be even better. A good plot also raises spark for grownups as well!

Apart from the story and content of the book, since your children will be interested in the vibrant colors of the illustrations, it is important to pick books with high-quality printing. Also do not forget that newborns’ eyesights are not fully developed so their best sight is when a book is held up from 12 inches away from them. Therefore picking small size books can be a perfect hold for them to see. Since their sight is not fully developed yet, picking books with high contrast or bright colors will help your baby to focus and improve their sight in the meantime. 

What are the picture books brands?

When it comes to picturebooks you are looking to enjoy with your little ones, keep in mind that these books can last ages and pass down from generation to generation. Therefore buying durable books of high quality is quite important if that is your goal. However, when it comes to picking the best books, it should definitely be something that they should not be bored to hear even after they learn to read!

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