Theme Costumes

Is it a bird, or is it a plane? No! It is your child wearing a superman costume! Theme costumes are always fun and bring joy to activities like celebrating birthdays or walking from one house to another to play trick or treat. Peekaboo has so much to offer when it is all about fun and costumes. Let’s out or masks and gear up, we are going on an adventure with your kid, in which they can be whoever they want.

What should be considered when choosing theme costumes?

As said, theme costumes are fun and that’s why children’s interest is the key when choosing a costume. There are so many cartoon characters and superheroes that children admire and it is now their time to be one of them. For children, wearing what they want or becoming one of the heroes means so much, in this way, they are expressing themselves and their personalities. So, let your baby girl be Elsa of the movie Frozen, or help your strong boy to be Hulk for his birthday.

Material is also important. Generally, theme costumes are one-piece styles like jumpsuits. In a costume, their body needs to breathe and that’s why the material of the costume should allow it. It should also be from cotton which absorbs moisture and balances the body temperature. Staying in a costume can sometimes be challenging and that’s why the cloth should not make them irritated when contacted with their skin. 

The theme costumes should be completed with good accessories. Imagine your kid wanted to be Spiderman but the costume does not have the proper shoes; your daughter wanted to be a Disney princess who does not have earrings and the perfect necklace. In such cases, the accessories are really important because they complete the whole outfit. Nobody wants to be Winnie the Pooh without Eeyore!

What are the theme costumes brands?

Peekaboo knows every detail of theme costumes and what children want and that’s why it has so many brands like Carter’s or Rubies offering different costumes. There are costumes from Marvel, Disney, and DC Comics and these are in different styles and sizes. You can also find perfect accessories for the costume you pick for your children like Cinderella shoes or masks. 

Don’t worry, if you want to be the best company for your children, we recommend you to scroll down and find a costume also for yourself.