Building Blocks, Construction Sets & Stacking Toys

If you are looking for a game or a toy that helps children both in learning and exploring, you’re in the right place. Let’s learn more about how to choose the right building blocks, construction sets, and stacking toys at Peekaboo!

What should be considered when choosing building blocks, construction sets & stacking toys?

One of the main considerations is the age of the child. Age-appropriate block and construction sets and stacking toys are good for the imagination. They help children think in a unique way and support them to become creative in time. Their spatial thinking develops and it is related to problem-solving skills. Depending on the age, it also helps to learn about how to create something while doing some experiments. For example, a set where a baby should put the shapes in their respective places will try so many times and when it is obvious that the shape is wrong, the baby will look for the right one. Children above 5 will create buildings and cars depending on their preferences and this will be helpful for free-thinking which means that the game is encouraging their creativity.

Another consideration is the size of the pieces. When the block or the toy is for a baby, the pieces must be small in size to lift and move. In this way, while holding the block or the toy, fingers, hands, and arms will be supported which is good for muscle development. When they are for a toddler, pieces can be a bit bigger as the toddler can lift and move them and this will support motor skills like hand and eye connection or standing while putting on top of each other. Furthermore, these toys are helpful for total body development. While playing, they will stand up, sit down, lean forward or try to reach. As they are doing such activities, the body will move and it will keep them active.

To buy one, parents should also think about if the building blocks, construction sets, and stacking toys are open-ended. Open-ending means that the toy can be used in different ways based on the children’s wishes. One day, they can create a building that has 5 floors, and another day they can make a farm from the blocks. Open-ending also brings educational value along. As the toy is used in different ways, its educational level of it will increase because it will support children’s wish to go further while learning the names, shapes, or counting.

What are the building blocks, construction sets & stacking toys brands? 

Lego, Zephyr, VIGA, and Fischer Price offer different toys related to the age and interest of the children, supporting them in many aspects. They are also age-appropriate like Fisher Price’s First Blocks for babies of 6 months and Infantino’s stacking toys for babies of 9 months. For bigger ones, Lego has different options from Batman to Starwars and for ladies, there are Frozen- and Barbie-themed toys. Go and review all the toys and enjoy while your lovely one is creating their own world.