A, B, C, D, getting ready for school has never been this easy! The time for school is just around the corner and if this is your little one’s first year, you might use a little bit of extra help to make sure your little one is ready to go. From life-saver stationery sets, cases, wrapping papers, notepads, colored pencils, and crayons to colorful glues, and highlighters, so many more stationery items are awaiting to be discovered by your little ones! 

Featuring cool designs, functionalities, and cuteness overload characters, your little one will never want to part ways with these super fun stationery items Peekaboo has in store!

What should be considered when choosing stationery?

From art classes to math, every age requires different stationery items for our little ones. However, there are still common points parents always want to make sure while they are purchasing those items as they can rather get quite costly in time. Some of the main points you might want to consider before making any purchases for stationery are; stability, cost, durability, performance, and quality. All items you pick should be suitable for their purpose. This falls in line with the quality of the product as well. If you go for the cheaper option over and over again, you can end up paying more. Instead, you can pick one well-performing brand or product to keep your little one going.

Cost becomes an important point as different types of stationeries can sometimes get quite expensive. Even when we are talking about simple staple items such as pencils, erasers, or notebooks here it is important that they are durable. Cheap and low-quality pencils tend to have lead breaks, this can create a recurring expense. Therefore you might want to replace this with a more functional product such as a mechanical pencil. It may sound simple, but it takes a little bit of practice to observe which product is more long-lasting and effective than the other one. Also making sure that your child understands these items belong to them and they should take care of these items is an important learning opportunity to prevent waste and for them to have awareness.

What are the stationery brands?

When stationery brands come into mind, what are the most common, fun, and reliable ones you have ever heard of? These probably include Zipit, Warner Bros., Disney, and Crayola. Peekaboo offers amazing stationery items from the brands we listed above and so many others!  

If you are ready to create your little one’s little get-ready-to-school kit now, start grabbing all the fun and high-quality products we offer before they are gone quickly!