Teethers & Soothers

Since the little vampires don't have teeth yet, teethers and soothers are their best friends. Teethers and soothers are the toys that help babies relax and feel comfortable as they are relieved by chewing and as light pressure is applied to their gums, they feel better. They are also good for babies’ dental health when they start teething. Here is Peekaboo’s guidance on how to find a good teether and soother and the products which are ready to meet your baby.

What should be considered when choosing teethers & soothers?

Since babies will use teethers and soothers in direct contact, a major focus should be given to their health; and the material is very important accordingly. If you are searching for a relaxing toy for little baby, always choose the ones which are made of natural rubber and silicone. The plastic ones may contain BPA or PVS, which are not good for their health. As teethers and soothers are always sucked, bitten, and cleaned, natural rubber or silicone ones can be long-lasting and these materials increase the durableness ability of the toy. 

Design is another critical consideration for parents. As babies are teething, they need to relieve the pain and feel comfortable and that’s why the little explorers put anything they get into their mouths. If you want to prevent accidents that can be caused by small objects, you can give a big teether or soother, so that they cannot swallow it. There should also be a grip so your baby can hold it easily. The design also means the texture and that’s why the texture should be proper for gum soothing and easing their pain.

There are also accessories which can be taken into consideration. These accessories are fun and we are sure that your baby will love them. Some teethers and soothers have additional toys attached to them, which also serve the same purpose. You can also use clips with the clothes and in this way, your baby will know where to find their best friend. With clips, it will also be impossible to lose them.

What are the teethers & soothers brands?

Peekaboo has so much to offer thanks to its perfect brands. You can find the perfect one according to your baby’s taste from Dr. Brown’s, Infantino, Philips, and Matchstick. These brands and many more have different designs and colors in order to make babies happy. There are also other brands that provide accessories like Nuk and Munchkin. See all of them by scrolling down and jumping between the pages or brands!