Dolls & Dollhouses

In a fairy world, there was a little happy girl playing with her dolls in her dollhouse… If it is familiar to you or if you want to create this world in your child’s room, you are in safe hands at Peekaboo! There are many dolls waiting to be dressed with full make-up by your little one and houses to be decorated. If you are ready, let’s knock on the door and see what is waiting for us at Peekaboo.

What should be considered when choosing dolls & dollhouses?

The very first consideration is the assembly and the material. When it comes to assembly, it should not be thought of as strenuous or demanding work; instead, it should be fun work, in which all family members have their duties. Depending on how to create it, there are different types of dollhouses. Some of them come nearly assembled and some of them require more than two hands. It can be a great opportunity for you to connect with your child and create something together. As these houses are not just walls and floors, while you are assembling a part, your little architect can work on another part. The material used should be sturdy and durable and should be strong enough to carry things because there will be lots of parties or dolls having dinner with your kid. 

Age is also important when buying dolls and dollhouses. Sometimes dollhouses can teach children so many things like classification or organizational skills and help them to be creative and imaginative, and dolls are good examples to understand the people around them. Let’s imagine a little one playing with a four-story dollhouse and two dolls. The house can be divided into categories like dining room, bathroom, and study room. Your little one puts each related item in its respective place and two dolls can be you and your daughter. All the things your child does with the house and dolls will be helpful for them and bring a new perspective which will affect their skills in a good way, and the impersonation will make them understand you and create a perfect bond between you and your little one. Dolls are also good for empathy, independence, and a sense of caring. 

Pieces of the house and the accessories of dolls should have major importance. While you may want to buy the perfect house and dolls with different features, you should always consider the size of the pieces. Some pieces can be too small and some of them can be fragile. So, depending on the age, you may buy pieces and accessories in different sizes. 

What are the dolls & dollhouses brands?

So many Barbies and dollhouses of various brands are ready for your little one. L.O.L Surprise!, Kidkraft, Little Tikes, Cocomelon, and Mattel have the best dolls who will be your new family member and the best dollhouses you may want to move in. We encourage you to meet the dolls and visit their homes, and open space in the shopping cart because they are coming home with you!