Learning Resources

Learning is a long journey and it's everywhere! Planting in the garden, cooking with mom in the kitchen, or working on a project with friends in the classroom… If you are a parent who wants to support their child's education or a teacher who wishes to create a unique learning environment in the school, Peekaboo would like to introduce Learning Resources to you, which has so many interesting products for children of different age groups. Let’s get to know the brand and see how it makes learning interesting!

What categories does Learning Resources have products in?

When it comes to learning, each method or item should have numbers, letters, music, and technology because children can sometimes get bored or lose interest. These elements are vital as they arouse curiosity, which keeps children awake. Since Learning Resources focuses on how to make learning easy, it has products that put experiments, discovery, and creation at the center.  Before meeting these products, here is a tip for parents and teachers: Please take your position, free your hands and let the mouse take you to the related categories like toys and books, where you can find Learning Resources at Peekaboo.

What age-appropriate products are available from the Learning Resources brand?

Learning Resources knows no age limits and its product line has so much to offer for everyone! For example, your 3-year-old little one can learn shapes with View-Thru Colourful Geometric Solids or Large Plastic Geometric Shapes; or can develop early math skills with the Smart Scoops Maths Activity Set. These products have colors and cards which support children in the process and make learning fun.

For the ones who like to talk and always have something to tell, Alphabet Stamps, Vocabulary Photo Cards or Alphabet Marks are amazing products that will be helpful for their future reading ability. Learning Resources does not forget the little doctors and engineers and for them, it has a magnetic solar system or human body, which are so realistic and make children learn more!

These and many more can be found at every corner of Peekaboo. Surf between the categories to find the best and most interesting one for your kids or students and add them to your cart. Remember, learning never ends, and so does shopping!