Baby Wipes

Baby wipes should guarantee gentle care for children's sensitive skin, be particularly kind to the skin and very well suited for daily cleaning of the sensitive diaper area. Since children's delicate, thin skin is particularly prone to redness and allergies, baby wipes should not contain perfume, mineral oils, preservatives and dyes. High-quality ingredients like chamomile extract, aloe vera or allantoin soothe, care for and moisturize the skin. Here at Peekaboo, we offer the highest quality baby wipes that provide the best care for your baby’s gentle skin. 

What should be considered when choosing baby wipes?

After birth, baby skin is initially protected by a natural protective layer. However, this protective film gradually wears away through repeated bathing and skin cleaning. That's why parents should consider buying baby wipes that will not harm the skin's natural protective mantle. Because the skin of a newborn is not yet fully developed and is generally thinner than adult skin, parents should be extra careful before choosing the right baby wipes for their little ones. 

For babies’, the skin's natural protective film is not yet stable and can be damaged and irritated quickly by the wrong care products. What’s more, damaged and dry skin is less able to ward off pathogens and germs. Harmful substances are also absorbed more quickly and can penetrate more easily if the skin barrier is not intact. Thus, baby wipes should particularly be mild and gentle. 

Last but not least, baby wipes might not be the first thing most of us think of when we switch to sustainable and healthy products. However, baby wipes are not just wet wipes. You have to pay attention to components and chemicals. Before making your choice, be sure to have a look at the ingredients. Try not to choose baby wipes including perfume, alcohol, oil, PEG and dyes, which is particularly useful to prevent allergies and asthma.

What are the baby wipes brands?

We provide a quality selection of baby wipes. Baby wipes with aloe vera and chamomile extract are ideal for gently cleaning and caring for delicate baby skin. Some of the prominent international brands that are featured include Huggies, Johnson’s. They also offer baby wipes without dyes, preservatives and bleach. In addition, Peekaboo features pH skin-neutral baby wipes. Tena, Hanan and Pampers are extra soft, gentle and clean thoroughly. Dove and Aryuv’s high-quality substances in their baby wipes protect the baby's skin from drying out. 

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