High Chairs & Booster Seats

Sometimes feeding time is a challenge for parents as babies do not sit down properly. They may even want you to fly the plate and make the fork talk. However, feeding time is always fun and it is when all family members come together. Here at Peekaboo, you can find high chairs and booster seats to help you. Keep reading to discover!

What should be considered when choosing high chairs & booster seats?

First things first, the high chairs and booster seats are amazing items that help parents to keep their children in place for their safety and also allow babies and kids to join the dinner table. If you need one, your starting point should be the age. It is really important because there should be a transition period, i.e., the baby should be grown enough to sit. Age is also critical when choosing the right size. Some of the chairs or seats may be too big for little ones or may be too small and make them uncomfortable.

Our second point in this journey is safety. There are key subjects related to safety. The first one is padding. The chair or seat should be padded enough to be comfortable. The padding should also support children’s backs so that their posture is not affected. The second one is the safety belts. We all know that little ones are curious and active. They try to reach, want to know what is happening behind their back, or sometimes they may want to stand up. To protect them, high chairs and booster seats should have safety belts that should cover them from their shoulders and their belly. The third one is the tray. While choosing, you should push a little on the tray to understand if it is stable and strong enough to carry the stuff you may put on it.

The last one is the stability and ease of use. The high chairs and booster seats should be made of good material which will make them sturdy in different environments. The legs of a high chair should be strong enough to carry the children. The space between the legs must be greater than the seating area, as the vertical legs are not ready stable. As you may be carrying them to the places you go, they should, at the same time, also be light for you. Some of them can be really heavy and may be challenging for you.

What are the high chairs & booster seats brands?

Peekaboo’s Premium 3 in 1 Comfy is designed only for babies and grows with them. You can adjust the height and see how your little one is comfortable thanks to the cushions. You can also find various models in different colors from Jikel, Summer Infant, Infantino, Evenflo, Hauck Alpha, and many more brands. We also want you to have some time to check the ones with fun features like toys and music. There is an endless world at Peekaboo, go and discover all the products which are so good for your little ones.