Onesies & Rompers

Congratulations on your baby! The most precious gift in your life requires a bit of preparation and starting from their little wardrobe is a great start. Infant clothing jargon might sound confusing for many parents but do not worry. Peekaboo has got you! Rompers are simply clothing that has a top part attached to its bottom. It is one of the most comfortable clothing for children. Onesies are again one-piece clothing with coverage on the chest area and sometimes on the legs. Onesies are also among the most comfortable clothing primarily because they are quite a loose fitting. Here at Peekaboo, uniquely crafted in soft and cozy materials, onesies and rompers will give your little one the maximum amount of comfort everyone dreams of. 

Peekaboo onesies and rompers come in various sizes, colors, styles, and bundles that can be a perfect addition to your little sleepyhead’s wardrobe.  

What should be considered when choosing onesies & rompers?

You have welcomed your baby and you want to make sure the first thing they feel is comfort. Therefore picking their little outfits right is significant to make sure they are cozy and happy. There are different important criteria you need to consider before making a final decision you start picking the essentials for your little’s ones' wardrobe. Material, safety, size, style, functionality, cost, and season. 

Make sure the clothes you buy do not cause any reaction to your baby’s skin.

Avoid picking clothes with decorative items such as bows, beads, and hooks as those can chocking hazards If a piece you like includes any of these, they should be firmly attached to the clothing and should not be loose.

Ensure that your babies' onesies and rompers fit them perfectly. Their clothes should not be too big or too small.

You might want to pick styles that are trendy but also easy to put on and off. Lasting through washes is also important as durability is always favored.

Babies grow fast. Spending too much money and effort on buying clothes that they will outgrow fast is not feasible.

Always think ahead while selecting your baby’s outfits and make sure you select them according to the climate conditions of where you live.

What are the onesies & rompers brands?

Peekaboo offers a wide range of fun, colorful and comfy rompers and onesies that will snuggle your baby. You can find world-renowned and reliable brands that are preferred by many parents here at Peekaboo. Carter’s and Organic Cotton are some of the brands Peekaboo offers for your convenience. You can mix and match or purchase our bundles now and get your little baby’s wardrobe ready before they arrive! 

Start exploring all the cute onesies and rompers Peekaboo has in store for you!