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Traveling with newborn babies can seem challenging at first glance, but with the right tools, it can be a breeze. Find your baby travel essentials at Peekaboo!

What are must-have baby travel essentials?

There are several factors that influence the right pick for traveling with your baby, from their age group and any special safety concerns to even the preferred style and color of products. The duration and type of travel also have a big impact on customers’ choice of baby travel products. For instance, babies traveling relatively short distances in a family car may only require a car seat, while those going on a public bus or train may need a full-on stroller for easy access and transportation. 

For babies who travel long-distance, parents may have to bring even more travel products with them to help their babies get around airports, terminals, and sometimes even remote locations. Flying with babies also presents additional requirements such as carriers for their toys, snacks, and anything else they may need during flight.

What are the baby travel brands?

With a seemingly endless array of newborn travel products on the market, it can seem hard to pick out which ones are best. Peekaboo’s selection of top brands combines the best of quality and affordability. Brands like Evenflo, Hauck, Megastar, Babyzen, Rover, Kinderkraft, and Jikel are great choices for parents searching for everything from pushchair strollers and prams to baby carriers and bassinets—all available in a multitude of colors, sizes, and models. 

Such a wide selection of brands also allows parents to compare different price points to find the best one for their needs. Those looking for car seats won’t want to miss out on licensed products from franchises like Paw Patrol and DC Comics. The selection at Peekaboo also includes colorful rolling luggage by Skip Hop, among many other finds to help your precious ones travel in comfort and style.

What should we pay attention to when choosing baby travel products according to age?

The good news for parents looking to buy baby travel essentials according to age is that most products will list the appropriate age range in the description. Newborns who aren’t yet able to walk can still get a taste for travel thanks to baby carriers with ergonomic support. For babies who need to work their muscles to one day become world-class travelers, rockers, swings, and jumpers are a great way to do just that. Depending on the brand and model, some rockers and swings even come with built-in toys and musical features that help keep babies entertained for hours at a time. 

Once babies master the art of standing, baby walkers are a popular option to get them moving around the house. By contrast, babies who are a little older as well as toddlers tend to prefer exploring their surroundings a little more, making this the perfect time to try out ride-ons and scooters. For many kids, learning to ride tricycles and bikes is an important rite of passage, giving them their first taste of solo travel as well as being a great exercise to help keep kids active and healthy.

What are the baby travel products that increase baby safety?

When it comes to traveling with newborns and toddlers, baby travel safety products are a must-have. Many parents invest in safety products like car seats for their babies, but it’s also a good idea to help protect your family as a whole with travel safety kits you can hang in your car. There are many other less-obvious tools to help keep your baby safe and comfortable during travel, like backseat organizers to store essentials such as medicine or adhesive bandages in an easy-to-grab location. Another smart buy would be a net for baby strollers, which keep bugs away and your little one comfortable. As babies grow into kids, other safety essentials parents need to look out for include helmets to protect them when they start riding scooters and bikes.

Whatever you need before going on a trip with your baby, you can find it at Peekaboo. Have a look at the products in the baby travel essentials category and make your choice!