Wall Paper & Stickers

It is an exciting time for your family indeed! Due to excitement and recent great changes in your life, some plans might have fallen through the cracks. As Peekaboo, we are here to help you with those. Probably everything you want for your little one’s room is shortlisted in your mind, you might even have purchased those already! 

How about spicing things up a bit and making an imaginative touch to their cutest rooms ever? With bright wallpaper and stickers, you can spark an interest in your newborn and their newly developing imagination! They can feel more at home and have fun with all the fun characters and designs Peekaboo has selected for them! Start exploring all wallpaper and sticker options we have handpicked as a welcome gift for our little ones!

What should be considered when choosing wallpaper & stickers?

Do you think your little one’s room can use a bit of color and fun but have second doubts about what to do? Peekaboo’s fun wallpaper designs and stickers are a perfect solution for your need! When it comes to anything that needs to be glued or stuck over a wall or a piece of furniture, every parent wants to make sure their walls or furniture will not be damaged afterward. Peekaboo offers high-quality wallpapers and stickers with illustrative designs that can captivate your child’s imagination. While doing so, they guarantee easy implementation without the help of water or paste. All you need to do is stick the wallpaper or stickers in however fashion you want to, and peel them away! Ta-da! 

Should you ever feel the need of removing them or updating them with a new design, you can easily do so. It will not leave any sticky or smushy residue behind on your walls or furniture once removed. They work wonders on your windows, walls, furniture, and anywhere you can think that can pull on those fun designs! Apply them on any smooth surface you want and enjoy. From Mickey, Daisy Duck, and Donald Duck to Princess, Mario, Frozen, Winnie The Poo, and countless other fun designs, Peekaboo will give a proper update to your little one’s room! 

What are the wallpaper & stickers brands?

There are countless options to pick from when it comes to wallpapers and stickers for our little one’s room. However making sure that the print is of high quality, and features designs that can intrigue your little one and provide easy installation and removal are among the factors that you should consider while deciding on your wallpapers and stickers.

Deep dive into the fun world of Peekaboo’s wallpaper and sticker brands now!