Bath Toys

Has taking a bath ever been this much fun? With the wide range of toys in this category, YES! Take a look at all the products here at Peekaboo and make your choice… 

What should be considered when choosing bath toys?

Bath time is always a matter both for the parents and the little ones who do not like the water. Peekaboo has different bath toys for babies, from newborns to 3 years old. All parents who care about their babies can find many options in our bath toys category. Besides, these toys are the answers to your questions about what to have in the bathtub.

There are different options depending on the education level of the toys. As a parent, while creating a bond with your baby, you can make them calm in the water and educate them. Babies can learn the colors, the numbers, or the animal names with these toys like Bath Letters of Munchkin. Your little one can also learn about cleaning. But what if your baby tries to chew their Hungry Whale of Tommy Boon? No worries, because like you do, we also care about your baby and their health. 

For this, we offer products made from BPA-free rubber and plastic which makes them safe to play with. They pose no risk to your baby’s skin and are also eco-friendly as they can easily be drained and cleaned. To make this watery time enjoyable, these unisex toys are so magical that they can change the color of the water or make bubbles around the bathroom. Your baby can go fishing or play basketball with their duck or can be the pirate of the house while you help them clean.

What are the bath toys brands?

At Peekaboo, we are offering the most preferred and well-known toys from different Brands including Fisher, Infantino, Munchkin, and Zimpli Kids. 

These brands have different alternatives such as the classic ones like animals or bubble makers which even the tiniest hands can grab and have fun with; or the new and popular ones like slime or gelli baff which moves the entertaining senses.

Now it is time to discover this fun world and find different bath toys for your little ones at Peekaboo. Dive into this category and see what’s best for your kids!