Every parent wants to expand their children’s imagination by preparing them for a learning path and for this preparation, we have Leapfrog for you, which helps children and makes learning easy. With the diverse product range, Leapfrog is one of the leading brands and we know that every parent loves it! There is a limitless universe of Leapfrog, in which children will never get tired of learning. If you are ready, get ready to jump because this crazy frog will show you the items it has for us.

What categories does Leapfrog have products in?

Learning is an important topic when it comes to children. Because they can easily get tired or bored. As parents, we should help them with different methods and if there are colors, numbers, music, or technology in your method, you are in safe hands thanks to Leapfrog. As Leapfrog focuses on education and different skills, it has products related to calculation, reading, writing and vocabulary. Emoji phones, learning centers, or Leapreader are supported with technology, which makes them fit for the current trends. Let’s make a big jump into the product line and get to know them.

What age-appropriate products are available from the Leapfrog brand?

Leapfrog is suitable for kids between 6 months to 8 years and we believe that this is amazing because every parent can find something for their children at Peekaboo… For example, your new learner can get familiar with numbers thanks to Leapfrog Count Along Register or Leapfrog Scout's Learning Lights. Each button on them has music and different phrases, and these interactions are good for motor skills. 

Leapfrog did not forget about the little business people and that’s why it included 2-in-2 Leaptop and cellphone in its diverse catalog. This Leaptop has ‘’abcs, numbers, games, music and messages’’ modes and a full keyboard and screen. So, when your boss-to-be is ready to work, the only thing they need to do is turn on the device. But what if your baby is so busy in the office? No worries, you can call them from their Emoji Phone which has funny sounds and videos.

There is more than this to discover and to make learning easy. Scroll down and leap between the pages to organize your kids’ study program.