Sippers & Cups

We have heard your little one is officially done with the bottle and breastfeeding. Making that transition from bottle or breastfeeding to a cup can be a bit challenging. That is why sippers provide an excellent transition for little ones.

But with so many options out in the market, how can you make sure your decision is the best for your little one? Do not worry. As Peekaboo, we've got you covered with a variety of enjoyable sippers and cups designed to foster their healthy appetites and help them gain good mealtime manners.

What should be considered when choosing sippers & cups?

Breastfeeding is something that happens naturally for both mother and the baby. Transitioning this feeding process to a cup, however, is certainly not a natural one. Having said that, every parent can find this period stressful and challenging, especially if it is their first time experiencing this. Weaning babies from breastfeeding to cups or sippers can also vary for every baby.

However many find it better to introduce little ones to sippers when they start eating solid foods. Some wait for them to have their first birthdays to introduce them to cups. In the meantime, you might want to order a different type of cup to see which one your little one feels more comfortable with. For example, some babies like to hold their own cup while others do not, so they can go for cups with handles. It is a matter of testing and trying methods to see which option would eventually do the job.

Teaching your little one how to sip can also help them to get used to it. You can tilt the cup slightly so that the liquid can slowly dribble. They should be seated while they are trying to sip. Mess is a part of the process, so get ready beforehand as it will not be a clean process. Watch them closely while they drink out of sippers or cups. Make sure they are not trying to move, walk or run while trying to sip out of their cups. The longer it takes for them to wean, the longer it takes for them to get used to cups and sippers. To prevent them from getting more attached to breastfeeding, you can start wearning process as long as they are comfortable with feeding through sippers and cups.

What are the sippers & cups brands?

Getting used to sippers and cups after breastfeeding can be hard, but it can be a lot easier if your little one finds their cups and sippers enjoyable and interesting enough to hold. Here at Peekaboo, we offer the most colorful and safe sippers and cups with unique designs. 

Start exploring the options now for your little one!