Bubble Toys

Take a deep breath and blow! Bubbles and bubbles and more bubbles… They are everywhere and are floating in the air. What could be happier than a kid trying to catch the bubbles? Here you can find bubble toys for little ones and make them happy at all times!

What should be considered when choosing bubble toys?

Bubble toys should not be underestimated as they are good for motor skills development. With the toy, babies can learn to grasp and hold. For basic skills, they are perfect and really helpful. Now, imagine a kid holding the wand, trying to blow bubbles and catch them with their eyes. This activity teaches them to follow with their heads and move their eyes slowly. As a result, basic visual motor skills will be developed because they will turn their heads and move their eyes in different directions. 

These toys are also good for gross motor development. As the kids try to reach the bubbles or go after them, their bodies will move which results in muscle development. Again, imagine a child trying to take their first steps. They will be aware of their body and their parts. For gross skill development, you can support your children by saying “look, there is a bubble on your left, let's stand up, walk and go there to catch it”. You can also teach them the body parts by giving instruction to them. You can tell them to catch the bubble with their left or right hand or tell them it is above their head. 

Another subject is that they keep children active. They will make bubbles, walk and reach out to them. Each body part will move from head to toe. Parents can create games with their children, which are like ball games. A bubble can be the ball and kids can try to have it or kick it. While doing such movements, they will also keep their body healthy. 

What are the bubble toys brands?

There is a magical world at Peekaboo, where you can find normal and electric bubble toys of different brands. Toy World, Simba, or Matter have different choices with different colors. They also have sizes depending on the child’s age. Parents can also find packs of different numbers to make the fun last longer and children can find their favorite cartoon characters at Peekaboo. There is a lot of space in your shopping cart to be ready for bubble toys.