Postpartum Care

The postpartum period refers to the 6 weeks period after a child is born. As this is an exciting time for newborns, it is the time when mothers start healing and adjusting. While mothers bond with their babies during this time, they also visit their doctors to make sure they are healing properly. As your newborn will require the utmost attention from their parents, especially mothers, sleepless nights and tiring days can take their toll on mothers. To remain strong and healthy, mothers need to take care of themselves and therefore might need to make use of various postpartum care products to support their well-being.

As always, Peekaboo is here to support our mothers and newborns during their new adventures.

What should be considered when choosing postpartum care?

Postpartum care is quite important both for the baby and the mother. After giving birth, mothers need to have a rest to restore their bodies to their original form while still tending to their babies and bonding with them. Fortunately, there are dozens of postpartum care products that can help our mothers to heal quickly and more efficiently. Peekaboo offers postpartum belts, underwear, disposable briefs, nursing bras, nipple creams and so much more! It is always worth preparing your postpartum care products ready to use after birth for convenience. 

When it comes to postpartum, belys and nursing bras are life-changing products as they would be helping you to recover as fast as possible while keeping your tummy safe and supporting your hip area. Your breasts might feel sensitive especially when your milk starts to come. They can become hard to touch and tingly. These nursing bras can keep your breasts securely while giving you the flexibility with a flap that can unbutton to feed your little one. With its gentle fabric and functional latches, nursing bras will provide you with a comfortable and convenient nursing experience. 

During the nursing period, your nipple area is likely to be dry, sore, cracked, and irritated. To prevent this to turn into a more uncomfortable situation, you can start applying nipple cream. The good news is you do not even have to remove it before nursing your baby. All these products that can assist you during your postpartum care can be found at Peekaboo!

What are the postpartum care brands?

As Peekaboo, we are fully aware of how important postpartum care is for both mothers and babies. Therefore we have collected reliable brands with clean ingredients and materials to help you go through this important phase in your life. Here at Peekaboo, you can find a great variety of brands to pick for your postpartum care. Sunveno, Carriwell, Philips, Lansinoh, and Mothercare are among the brands you can find at Peekaboo. With our consistent quality and ambition for improvement, we always working hard to keep our mothers and their little ones happy.

Start exploring all the products that are handpicked for your postpartum period here at Peekaboo!