Tricycles & Bikes

Cycling is one of the best activities that keep children healthy and active. It also helps children prove themselves among their peers because it makes them confident to stay on the wheels. If you are one of those parents who are checking every corner of the internet to find a tricycle and bike, you are in the safe hands of Peekaboo. Here are some considerations for you when choosing the best one!

What should be considered when choosing tricycles & bikes?

Children have different dynamics and they never get tired, which is good. To keep them healthy and active during this super energetic stage is really important and as a caring parent, if you want to suggest them to do something, take cycling into consideration. It is one of the activities which is good for their muscle development; it also strengthens their bones as they play with pedals. Depending on age, your child can start with tricycles which helps them maintain their balance. For the big ones who are in control, you can go for the classical two wheels.

The material decides the durability and that’s why it should be sturdy enough like steel. Such bikes are long-lasting and strong enough to carry your child. Related to the material, your child’s age and weight are also important because as said, it needs to carry them. Handlebars and pedals should also be made from good materials because they can wear in time. As known children like to discover. When they are on their bikes, they may suddenly lay their tricycles or bikes on the ground to discover the new things they see while cycling. All these laying down or droppings can damage and make them nondurable.

Children’s safety is also critical. For this, Peekaboo included so many accessories like helmets or knee and elbow pads. All these accessories protect children in case of falling down and to protect them, they should be proper for their size. For example, if the helmet you choose for your child is too small, it may make them uncomfortable or if the elbow pad is loose, it will slip away and will not protect the child.

What are the tricycles & bikes brands?

You are in the safe hands of Peekaboo with its reliable brands such as Kinderkraft, Smoby, and Rover. All these brands and many more have different tricycles and bikes. For the accessories, Spartan has various knee and elbow pads in different colors and helmets on which there are different Disney characters. Let’s speed up and enjoy the ride but before, check all the items of Peekaboo and race with the shopping cart!