School Bags & Backpacks

That long-awaited moment is here now, your little one is off to school. It is a unique step in their life that they will get to experience and as Peekaboo we want to make sure they are ready to go. There will be essential school items they would need while stepping into the world of education. To keep their school books, pens, pencils, and crayons at all times, they will need a school bag or a backpack that can serve them for years to come. Here at Peekaboo, we provide a wide list of school bags & backpacks and with gorgeous colors, characters, and useful functionality to accompany your little one while they take their first little steps to school or nursery!

What should be considered when choosing school bags & backpacks? 

As with everything, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to school bags and backpacks. But which one is the best for your little one? There are a few points that can help you decide before you add anything to your cart. Regardless of what your little scholar will bring to school or nursery, a bag with multiple compartments inside is definitely key to keeping everything organized and separate. Little mesh or zipped compartments to keep pencils, notebooks, craft tools, and food is definitely a handy feature to have.  

The material of the bag is also important. You want to make sure that the fabric is waterproof, and durable so keep your little one’s cute artwork, notebooks, and books safe and sound. Another vital point you would want to make sure that your little one’s back will be fully supported and the bag itself will create a lightweight feeling even though the back is packed. For these bags with top-quality foam back, steps will feel like wonders.

The size of the bag is also important. You would want a bag that your little one will not throw away after a year. Purchasing something of good quality from the start is actually both a pocket-friendly decision as well as it is a good environmental decision as well. Peekaboo offers amazing products of top quality that will be there for your little one from the beginning throughout their primary education years. Our unique backpacks and school bags are designed with your little one’s taste and needs in mind. 

What are the school bags & backpack brands?

Peekaboo selects products that are reliable, world-renowned, and of top quality to guarantee a satisfactory experience for all parents and their little ones. We understand how important to find the right items and be prepared for your little one’s first day. For this reason, we bring you the most fun, functional and durable products so that your little one can create perfect memories with them!