Lunch Boxes & Lunch Bags

Keep yours and your little one’s food fresh and tasty at all times with Peekaboo’s fun and epic style. Our lunch boxes and bags come in various styles and sizes, they are designed to offer ease of use and amusing lunch time experience for little kids on the go. Insulated lunch bags with mesh pockets or compartments with leak proof features are a perfect match for a long day out. Peekaboo lunch boxes offer versatile usage with its practical design and fun to keep your little one entertained with their favourite characters in the same set. With it is roomy size and functional compartments, Peekaboo lunch boxes and lunch bags are perfect for any type of snacks, food and beverages. Start packing your food fresh with these fun and essential lunch bags.  

What should be considered when choosing lunch boxes & lunch bags?

It is importartant to know what your looking for in lunch boxes or lunch bags. Size, compartments, insulation, functionality, easy to clean material and style are among the most important features that can help one decide on picking one. Wipe to clean fabric or dishwasher safe material of our lunch bags is also a great time saver especially if you are in a rush or don’t have time for a quick wash up. Insulation is one of the top priorities as keeping food fresh, cold or hot properly during the day is as equally important. You can further increase storage time of your bags with ice packs as well. Peekaboo lunch bags and boxes come with sizes and styles to address everyone and their needs at work, school or picnic.

What are the lunch boxes & lunch bags brands?

Peekaboo comes with numerous styles such as; expandable silicon trays, combo sets with bottle and box, cooling bags, stainless steel boxes, double bags with roomy compartments adorned with super heroes and offers functionality to make parents’ life easier while creating enjoyable lunch experiences for little ones. Combined with fun designs, characters, and stylish lines, Peekaboo lunch bags and boxes will accompany you wherever you go. High quality insulation will keep your food as fresh as ever while boxes come with different compartments for your main dish, fruits, desserts and so much more. Goodbye to clingy films, hazardous foil and plastic bags that you use only use one time. Peekaboo cares for your and your little one’s health.

Offered with different sets, split or stack your boxes however you like.