Lotion, Oils & Powders

Every parent wants the best for their baby and accordingly tries to find the best skin care product which is safe and good for their health. Newborns and babies are delicate, their skin is soft and prone to allergic reactions. For such reasons, parents need to pay attention to details, even the smallest ones, when choosing the right lotion, oil, and powder. Here at Peekaboo, you can find the best for your little one!

What should be considered when choosing lotions, oils & powders?

The two important considerations when choosing a skin care product for a newborn or a baby are the skin type and what is inside the product. Let us firstly think of newborns to handle the question. Newborns are sensitive and they should not be exposed to too many products; in one or two weeks, their skin will flake off, which is fine and normal. However, parents should know that during this time they do not need to use lotions or oils to moisturize the skin. Because using lotions may make the skin oily and may create problems for newborns. 

On the other hand, in some cases, if an infant’s skin sheds after shower, lotions and oils might be handy. When there is redness, rash or dryness, parents may use skin care products for their babies. Depending on the situation, parents should always be careful about the skin type that their child has. If there is an allergic situation, after consulting with their doctor, lotions and oils can be used. When it comes to powders, they can be a good choice because powders reduce skin-on-skin friction and provide comfort. Baby powders can also be used as an alternative solution to diaper or nappy irritations.

Last but not least, parents should avoid using products containing chemicals. There are some points to look for when buying lotions, oils and powders for newborns and babies. All the skin care products that you want to have should be free of dye, fragrance, paraben and preservatives. Besides, parents should stay away from products that contain carcinogens. 

What are the lotions, oils & powders brands?

Peekaboo has well-known skin care products which are Johnson's Baby, Dove, Bio-Oil, Cetaphil and more. These brands are one of the most preferred by many families. They always provide extra care and comfort for little ones. There are also grown-up fans of these brands. So, hit the quick view icon and buy one for your baby and even yourself; then enjoy the over-the-clouds sensation.