Board Games

What could be better than fun board games that also educate children? Quick answer: two or more board games. These games have many things like cards, buttons, sounds, or different objects; every player will do their best to win. But before playing a game, we recommend you put the furniture away and empty the room because as your children dance and jump, you will want to join in the game. 

What should be considered when choosing board games?

Board games are always fun with their interesting style. Kids can be gymnasts, inspectors or designers. As well as being fun, these games are important for physical and mental development. They are helpful for relations and learning in an effective way; and also create an environment where family members come together and spend time. All these key points come with a good board game. The educational aspect and benefits of a game have the prime importance when deciding on which one to buy. Depending on their age, babies learn colors, numbers, and shapes while children can learn problem-solving, strategic planning or reading or vocabulary knowledge. Parents can also choose a game that helps gross motor skill development, as some of the games require physical activity. These games are one of the best ways to keep children healthy and active in daily life.

Board games are also beneficial for socializing and building social skills. Like other games, these games also need people interacting with each other. Imagine you and your children are playing Design Master; sharing ideas, communicating and helping each other.  As there is a physical proximity between parents and children, you can also connect with each other and understand your children emotionally. Children learn how valuable sharing is. They create a bond between their friends, help them while playing and support their friends. While playing, kids learn, create and achieve things together. For such important points, a board game should always promote human relations. 

What are the board games brands?

There are so many board games which you can find at Peekaboo. For the purposes given above, we made a good selection of different brands. Family Game 3 in 1 or Hasbro’s Monopoly help kids think tactically; Scrable opens to a world where different vocabularies are ready to be discovered; Guess Who? makes kids find how others think; or they can be a doctor with Hasbro’s Operation Game. You can also have games from Thinkfun, Clementoni and Goliath.

It is now the time for you and your children to turn the living room into a game arcade. Remember, there is always a space in the cart and time for playing. Let’s make it full with different games and enjoy.