Drawing & Colouring Books

Colouring books are the gates opening to a world where there are lots of fun, new things to learn, and limitless imagination for kids. It is where colors and lines meet and create dreams. These books have various advantages which help kids in education and also good for their development. Find the best drawing and coloring books at Peekaboo!

What should be considered when choosing drawing & colouring books?

Age comes first. Colouring books should be suitable for the child's age as they have different contents which change based on the age. There are so many coloring books at Peekaboo which are educational for children. For example, a coloring book consisting of shapes, animals, or an alphabet can be good for a toddler in learning basic information. On the other hand, a coloring book that is about the world teaches a child the names of the cities and the most famous architectural works. 

Depending on the content, their imagination also develops. Content gives extra curiosity and children become excited about what they will be working on. Think about a coloring book in which all the superheroes are ready to come alive and your child who is ready with their crayons. Content also provides extra space for children. If your little Picasso wants to see his favorite hero in any color he likes, this will teach him to think outside the box; or if little Frida wants to paint her Barbie orange, she will make a different design in an extraordinary way.

The material of such books is another point. Pages must be thick and durable because thin ones can be easily torn. Especially the ones for water coloring require special attention in terms of the page-thickness. Thin pages are not good for water coloring and the water may affect subsequent pages. Pages should also be suitable for working with sharp pens as some books need detail-working.

What are the drawing & colouring books brands?

At Peekaboo, the coloring books are from different brands and have different content which is perfect for children’s imagination. For preschoolers, Crayola and Disney make the information they need ready and are good for education. Lol Surprise! also has books for little painters who are the age of 3. Melissa and Doug take coloring a little further with the water pen provided with the book. Scroll down and see all the coloring books; and if your inner child tells, but also one for yourself and enjoy the family activity night.