Baby Creams & Ointments

Like all parents, you want what’s best for your little one, but how should you go about picking the right baby cream or ointment? With Peekaboo’s tips and tricks, you’ll be hitting “Add to Cart” in no time!

What should be considered when choosing baby creams & ointments?

The most important factor in choosing baby creams and ointments is, of course, need. Similar to adults, babies’ skin has different needs based on the season—meaning you’ll want to invest in baby-friendly SPF creams and lotions in the summer, while you opt for moisture-trapping creams and ointments more in the winter. Similarly, if your baby is sick, you’ll want to have the right products on hand to treat whatever may be disturbing your baby, be it a rash or the common cold.

Ingredients are another important thing to consider when picking out baby creams & ointments for your precious one. If you know of any allergies your baby may have, you’ll want to avoid products that contain those ingredients and look for alternatives. Similarly, scent can be irritating to some babies, so if you find that your baby doesn’t like heavily fragranced creams and lotions, it may be a good idea to discontinue use and switch to non-fragranced versions of those products.

What are the baby cream & ointment brands?

One of the most commonly used baby cream formulas is a combination of zinc & castor oil, which are great for soothing babies’ sensitive and irritated skin, as well as forming a protective layer to help it heal faster. Some of the brands you’ll find on Peekaboo include Bells Zinc & Castor Oil Ceram as well as Healthpoint Zinc & Castor Oil Cream. You’ll also find Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream in 60g, 125g, 250g, and 400g sizes—the smaller sizes are great for travel, or just throwing in your purse in case of an emergency.

Another well-known baby cream and ointment brand are Sebamed, whose Baby Diaper Rash Cream and Baby Cream Extra Soft Moisturizer with panthenol for delicate skin are both available on the site. Parents looking for products with natural ingredients will want to check out the Chicco Baby Moments Light Body Lotion for Babies, which has a formula that’s 97% of natural origin. Similarly, the Chicco Sun Spray SPF50+ is a must-have for hot summer days spent in the sun. Last but not least, Peekaboo sells Vicks VapoRub 4-in-1 Cold Symptom Relief for when your little one has a cold or the flu and has to get some much-needed rest.

Whether you’re in the market for a new product or you’re simply stocking up on time-tested favorites, you’ll find what you need among the affordably priced baby creams & ointments sold at Peekaboo. Start shopping now!