Travel Accessories

Traveling with your newborn baby for the first time ever and looking for what to bring with you? This new experience you will soon get to have might be slightly different from your previous travel experiences. Even if you are a light packer yourself, this is about to change with your little one in the picture. Babies require travel essentials that could be a game changer both for you and them. 

Without getting caught up with all the travel items you think you should take with you, we suggest you make a shortlist of items so that you would not end up carrying a lot more than you need. You might need some to get there but Peekaboo is here to help you!

What should be considered when choosing travel accessories?

Your baby will most likely sleep during the entire journey. For this they need a comfortable environment otherwise, they can get cranky. A car seat with ultimate comfort will provide the support and comfort your little one needs during your travels. The pad is soft and cozy enough to make them feel at home and snuggly. It might be inconvenient for you to watch over them at all times to make sure they are not sunburnt or run rays are not affecting them. Peekaboo offers a game-changer sunshade that can be easily twisted and fixed to provide the ultimate comfort and shade your little one will enjoy.

Bottle warmers specifically designed for usage in cars can save you time and stops you would have to make along the way to feed your baby. Back seat organizers and stroller organizers can also offer so much functionality while collecting everything you or your baby might need in one place, and are easy to reach!

Other functional products such as rotating stroller hooks, baggage tags, car seat support, travel kit consisting of; a baby on board sign, rearview car mirror, and sunshades are among many other essential products Peekaboo is proud to offer for all parents and little ones getting ready to be on the rood!

What are the travel accessories brands?

Dear parents, you just start packing your essentials, leave your little one’s essentials to Peekaboo. We know how overwhelming it can be to make sure you have a checklist for everything you need for a trip to make your little one content and safe! We provide you clutter free travel essentials checklist to help you out during your travels with your babies so that you do not forget anything.

Start exploring our recommended travel accessories and products here at Peekaboo now!