Socks & Tights

Picking a good pair of socks or choosing the best tights is not a challenge at Peekaboo! Sometimes little feet need to be warm, or they just need to be in a pair of socks that will make them comfortable in any situation. And sometimes, the perfect outlook for babies should be completed by stylish tights. Let’s discover this part of fashion and learn more about how to find the best one.

What should be considered when choosing socks & tights?

Fabric is the first consideration that parents should pay attention to. At the very beginning of your ‘’what socks are the best’’ journey, you will see that most of them are made of fibers since their main purpose is to fit properly, which means they need to be stretchy. When it comes to little feet and toes, the fabrics should allow them to breathe by absorbing moisture. When babies and children need to wear socks for a long time, the moisture can give them a feeling of wetness, which eventually make them uncomfortable. This also applies to tights. If you want to buy one for your little one to keep them warm, the fabric should keep them warm but still fresh by allowing air to pass through it.

The size is another consideration. Imagine a 2-year-old wearing a big sock; it would be funny, but not for the baby. Proper size is really important, especially for the ones who just started to walk. If they are too big, they may fall down from the ankle and make it difficult for little walkers to walk, or if they are too small, they can make pressure. For children, tights mean mobility and freedom and that’s why the size should not be constricting. 

The purpose of why you want to buy them is also a matter. If you are buying a sock or a tight, to keep your baby warm, they should be a little ticker for cold winter days. For this, they should cover the feet and legs properly. For hot summer days, they can be lighter and make babies comfortable. One of the purposes can also be protecting feet from any unwanted situation like odor or blisters. Related to this, the socks type changes depending on the shoes. For example, for sports shoes, socks can be short and for boots, they need to be long. 

What are the socks & tights brands?

In Peekaboo’s fashion world, there are many brands that have good quality socks and tights. Mothercare, Carter’s and many others have so much to discover. Their socks and tights are also very fashionable and have cute little characters on them. They are also good compliments for your baby’s clothes. If you are ready, let’s make good outfits for your babies and children together with the socks and tights you get from Peekaboo!