Baby Car Seats

If you want to pick the safest and most comfortable car seats for your baby, you’re guaranteed to find what you need among Peekaboo’s selection of affordably priced, high-quality car seats.

What should be considered when choosing baby car seats?

The age of your baby or toddler is the most important factor when choosing baby car seats, as most brands will categorize their car seat by age range. Equally important to this is your child’s weight—as you can imagine, not all three-year-olds weigh the same. Paying attention to these factors will not only help you find a baby car seat in the right size, but it will also be crucial in ensuring the longevity of any product you buy, allowing you to get as much use out of it as possible.

The height of your child will also be important in determining whether you’ll need a regular car seat or one with a booster. Last but not least, color may also be an important consideration for you. If your kid tends to get fussy when being placed into a car seat, choosing one in their favorite color may help you entice them to be more cooperative.

What are the baby car seat brands?

Peekaboo offers top-rated baby car seat brands like Kinderkraft, which comes with several series like the Car Seat Safety-Fix with Isofix System and the Comfort Up 2 Car Seat for kids who weigh 9-36 kgs, the XPand Car Seat with Isofix System for kids ages 2-12 years, the Xpedition Car Seat for kids ages 0-12 years, and the Car Seat Myway with Isofix System for kids ages 0 and above.

There are also a few options from Evenflo, like the Sutton 3-in-1 Booster Car Seat for kids ages 9 months-12 years, the Big Kid LX High Booster Car Seat for kids ages 4-12 years, the Booster Seat for kids ages 3 and above, the Big Kid Sport Highback 2-in-1 Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat for kids ages 4 and above, the Theron 3-in-1 Booster Car Seat for ages 2 and above, and the Duran Car Seat for kids who weigh 0-25 kgs.

Another popular brand is Jikel, whose Mars 123 Car Seat and Booster and Saturn Rotating IsoFix All-in-one Car Seat are designed for babies ages 9 months and above, while the Royz Convertible Car Seat is intended for newborns and above.

You’ll also find 3-in-1 car seats by Paw Patrol as well as DC Comics’ Batman and Superman, as well as other options by the brands like Munchkin, Maxi Cosi, HifoldMifold, Hauck, Asaivo, Babyzen, Chicco, and Moon.

Start shopping Peekaboo’s selection of affordably priced baby car seats today to make your next family outing a blast!